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Our Staff

We asked the staff for some feedback since their time spent with Life Skills.

What is your motivation for your work with Life Skills?

  • To help build a program that will outlast me~ Char
  • That the clients, program, organization and fellow employees benefit from my work~ Rick
  • Having the chance to make a difference in peoples lives, and the privilege of touching people with God’s love.

What have you learned about people with intellectual disabilities?

  • I have learned that we are all the same, we laugh, we cry, we love and we hurt.~ Sherry
  • I have learned to let them be who they are, and not try to change them to be someone else~ Ray
  • They want the same as everyone else, a job, a house, family, and respect~ Char

How would you describe the Life Skills environment?

  • Welcoming and client centered~ Rick
  • Like a family "people helping people"~ Wanda
  • Wonderful very home like environment~ Lorinda