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"I DID IT" Gift Tags

Make and sell gift tags from used greeting cards. Each client has a specific task they perform.

  • Ripping cards in half
  • Identifying if it is "useable" - i.e. written on, too large, etc
  • Hole punching
  • Measuring/ cutting ribbon
  • Cutting down cards to tag size with cutter (hand on hand)
  • Cutting down cards to tag size with scissors
  • Stamping- choosing appropriate themed stamp

Bottle Exchange Program

We accept bottle donations. Clients clean, separate and count the bottles and take them to the Enviro Depot for refund. This money is used for client parties and activities.

"Pop Tabs In Action"

Tabs are removed from pop cans and sent to Summer St Industries, New Glasgow to purchase wheel chairs.

  • 1 lb of pop tabs equals $0.50
  • 1 lb equals 3032 pop tabs
  • Transporting wheel chair is valued at $500 OR 3,032,000 pop tabs

Just Shred It

A shredding business that is confidential.  All of the participants take part in this business, whether it is tearing apart documents to actually shredding.  We have several large and small businesses and personal donors.  The fee is $0.25/lb

Snack Attack

  • Selling snacks, such as chips and pop.
  • Supplying local business with snack boxes.